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Hi again! Sorry for making yet another journal entry about this. It has come to my attention TOM has disallowed the use of points with free shipping and $5 discount coupons so, :iconspacekin: has provided a detailed workaround for this problem (as shown in the thumb below)! Thank you spacekin!
<da:thumb id="482176500"/>
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Some of you told me that you couldn't access the coupon link for some reason in this journal ! I've updated the link to something that should work now, let me know how it goes!!
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Hi there! I don't usually do this but it's really too great of a deal to pass. Essentially a neat combination of coupons and points will help you get free things on Tokyo Otaku Mode!

Sign up first for $5 credit in TOM points with my referral code HERE.

 here’s a $5 coupon with free shipping! 

 Basically how it works is, you sign up, get $5 credit in TOM points for it, then use the $5 coupon and free shipping.Which means you get 10$ off total on your alpaca as well as free shipping. Which is fricken awesome because then you can buy a JUMBO authentic alpacasso (that’s 36cm in height) for only $15 total with shipping. Or if you want you can get a large sized ($10) one virtually for FREE. Essentially anything under $10 is free on the site, so feel free to dig around.

What's cool is after each order, you have 3 hours to get something with complimentary free shipping, and since you've just signed up, you also get a welcome gift coupon which is $5, so if you've found any item under $5, that's another free item for you~

Of course you're in no obligation to try this out, but this is really a great online store (in products and customer service, the whole package), and I've spent a lot of money here as well (even if stuff isn't free, there's always great deals). Please consider trying them out!

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LISA by Londei

Forced out of the world, I was atop an incredibly thin needle.
I was using the tips of my fingers to balance, until they touched you and I learned I wasn’t alone,
With these crooked wings as the only thing bestowed upon us.

From the time you’re born (until death)… “What do you want to do before you die?” I ask,
But all you do is laugh, like an angel.
Burning in the summer heat (deforming) we’ll weave through the spaces between the hordes of buildings,
Until we descend, pulling that trigger at the very end.

And winter will cover everything.

I haven’t drawn in a long while! That makes me a bit sad…so have Lisa from Zankyou no Terror, I really like her despite my impression that a lot of people aren’t so fond of her..

Textures by :iconsirius-sdz:


Londei's Profile Picture
80/prince fox
Artist | Digital Art
I'm the person who posts most of their art to tumblr instead of DA. I'm sorry.

I'm too shy to come out of my hole to meet people ; __ ; Sorry again.

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poopykitty Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Everything about this gallery is amazing :) and it's all so unique and creative. I love seeing familiar characters in a new style.
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goodness gracious i just found your account and your art is absolutely stunning !!! i can't believe it, oh my gosh, i'm just in awe --
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I'm hoping to see his new work sempai!
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I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.:iconbrightfutureplz:
And even if the path to reach them is hard and full of obstacles,do not ever give up.Keep going,look forward,keep fighting and don't let others decide what path you should follow.Follow your heart and ambitions.
Londei Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you so much, you're too kind!
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Hehe no problem at all.:iconcblushplz:
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